Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #015, Size 44DDD, Wide Set/Tall (Over 5’10”)

Customer: Nina, Size 44DDD

Nina is one of our regular fitting models and is taller than average (around 5’11”). She wears 44DDD. She used to buy her bras from thrift stores, but they weren’t ever what she was looking for style-wise.  

Before finding Understance, she had trouble finding bras that actually fit. 

Her measurements: 43” underband, 50” standing bust, 53” leaning bust 

She looks for comfortable bras that she can wear to work and feels most confident in underwire bras compared to wireless ones.

When it comes to bra style, she likes having both full coverage and lower cut options to match with different outfits. 

She has wide and very tall roots (typically, people who are taller have taller torsos and taller roots). Her breasts are very wide set and side-full, but also top-full and bottom-full. Slightly asymmetrical, her left breast is a bit bigger than her right. She has some under armpit breast tissue that she always found hard to cover up with a bra. 

Bra #1: Nora in 44DDD

Nora is a lightweight, unpadded lifter and minimizer. Nina rates it 9/10. She likes how the bra looks (the colour, the lace, how it’s sheer and sexy) and feels. However, because she is more projected and the bra is on the shallower side, the center gore doesn’t quite tack. 

Bra #2: Peek-Proof Plunge in 44DDD

Our Peek-Proof bras fit like lightly lined bras but with more nipple coverage. To Nina, Peek-Proof Plunge is a comfort level 10, but isn’t as cute as the other ones. She likes the smooth cups, nipple coverage, and fuller coverage fit, and she would wear it to work. But ideally, the front would be a bit tighter against her chest.  

Bra #3: Salma in 44DDD

Salma is one of our best sellers and is praised for its very forgiving fit. Nina already has this bra in Black and wears it to work. This time, she tried on the Elderberry colour and thought it pairs well with the warmer weather.  

Please note there is some digging at the shoulder straps, but after a certain size, that’s to be expected, just due to how heavy a person’s breasts are. 

Bra #4: Peek-Proof Demi in 44DDD

This bra is another style in our Peek-Proof collection. Like Salma, Nina already has it

She likes how Peek-Proof Demi is versatile (both sexy and fun but can also be worn on to work). On weekends, she shows off the crisscross straps and at work, she covers them up. The crisscross details offer extra support, and the cups offer enough nipple coverage.  

Bra #5: Parker in 44DDD

Parker is an underwire front-close bra and although Nina thinks the racerback style is nice, she wouldn’t personally reach for it (partially because it’s not that smooth). Also, since Parker is not top-full friendly and Nina is top-full, the top of the bra cuts in. 

Compare this to when she tried on Peek-Proof Plunge (whose mesh detail ends higher than the fullest part of her breasts, so she is kept contained). 

Bra #6: Anya in 44DDD

Anya is a gorgeous bra for top-full and very projected breasts, which is perfect for Nina. The structured fit contains and shapes her breasts well. She said the support is really good and it almost feels like a sports bra. She can move her arms freely. 

Bra #7: Soft Sculpt Wireless Back-Close in 44DDD/G

Soft Sculpt is our collection of wireless, second-skin bras. She said it feels very comfortable and she’d wear it to run errands. However, fancier underwire bras make her feel more confident, compared to simple wireless styles like this one. 

Final thoughts

Even though many of the bras she tried on felt comfortable and supportive, and she liked a lot of them, Nina picked Anya as her favourite 

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