5 Tips to Extend Your Bra’s Life

Good bras are not easy to find. If well cared for, bras can last a long time – sometimes several years. But if poorly cared for, bras can meet an untimely demise. Read on for suggestions to get the most out of your bra. 

1. Best washing practices

Wash by hand + air dry will make your bra last the longest. But if you don’t have time to handwash and air dry, make sure to:

  • Hook the bra to avoid snagging, especially if it’s a lace bra 
  • Use a lingerie bag to protect the underwire 
  • Wash on delicate cycle  
  • Tumble dry on low heat  

2. Avoid excessive heat

Heat kills elastane (sometimes called spandex or Lycra), the component that gives fabrics stretch. Make sure you don’t use high heat when washing or drying, and store your bras in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 

3. Let your bra rest

Elastane lasts longer if it has time to rest. Don’t wear the same bra every day – give it at least a day in between wears. This will help the elastane recover from the stretch of wearing and your body heat. Have at least 3 bras in your regular rotation. 

4. Store with care

Molded cup bras (made from one piece of molded foam with no seams on the cups) can crease and lose their shape if they are crushed. Prop up the cups when storing (you can put socks or scarves under the cups). For underwire bras, make sure the underwire is not twisted or bent when storing. 

5. Start on the tightest hooks

Bras inevitably stretch out over time. If your priority is with the bra lasting as long as possible, start on the tightest hooks, and move outward as the bra loses stretch. (However, we recommend starting at the center hook if you want the shoulder straps to be at the best position).

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