An Open Letter From Jiayi

Mastectomy bra


Bras and underwear may be an afterthought for some – but for others, undergarments can be transformative for our comfort and confidence. At Understance, we’ve always striven to create products that make a difference. We want to provide the very best bras for every shape and size.

Including mastectomy bras.

For the past year, mastectomy bras have been on our mind. Since our launch, we’ve wanted to offer comfortable, thoughtful, and cute post-surgery options. It’s the least we can do for the incredible breast cancer survivor community!

We want to give you the best comfort and support, in a way that we know how.

Our product process is to listen, sample, fit, adjust, repeat – until perfect. Our current products end up in your hands after dozens, sometimes hundreds of fitting models gave us their input.

But with this particular line, we haven’t had luck with in-person participants. Our ambition is to sell this line at cost.

So, if this is of interest to you, let’s make these bras together! We’d love to learn about your needs and make these bras come to life.

Email us at

UPDATE: We’re thrilled to announce this bra is now here!

With love,
Jiayi and Team Understance

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