Christy Ho

With the weather getting hotter, it’s that time again to switch your undergarments and opt for something lighter and more breathable. In this article, you can find our list of breathable bras and underwear.   At Understance, we offer a variety of lightly lined, unpadded bras and natural fiber underwear. You won’t have to compromise […]

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Finding the right bra is hard, especially when you’re shorter than average. This article lists our best bras for shorter people that are perfect for petite frames and solve related fit issues.   When it comes to bra shopping, shorter folk often struggle with buying bras that complement their bodies. Here at Understance, we thoughtfully design

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How should a bra fit

“My bra is technically perfect, but I hate it. Why? What do I do?”  So, you’ve done your research on how should a bra fit, and finally got a bra that checks all the boxes: the band stays parallel to the floor, the cups fully encapsulate you without gapping, the wire isn’t sitting on any

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