Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #010, 30DDD, Side-full/Very Firm

Customer: Finley, Size 30DDD

Finley works as a delivery driver near our office. She has an active job – bending, lifting, driving, so comfort is a priority. She prefers wireless bras. For underwire bras, the underwire needs to fit her roots exactly. She’s looking for a bra that’ll stay put and comfortable throughout the day, even with some movement. 

Her measurements: 28’’ underband (tight), 35’’ standing, 35’’ leaning. Her nipples are about 8’’ apart (unsupported).

Finley is in her 30s, about 5’9, and has implants. Her fullness is on the sides, with some space between her breasts. Her breasts are very firm. Her roots are average in height and width. She prefers a round, natural shape, and dislikes pointy bras. She doesn’t like bras that push breasts forward (push them inward from the sides), and prefers a natural, hourglass shape.

Bra #1: Harper in 30DDD

Finley likes the look of this style. The wire is comfortable. The cups have some lining, but don’t add any volume to breasts. It’s a bit pointier than she likes. 

Bra #2: Zoe in 32DD

A 32 band is quite large for someone with a 28’’ underband. Because Finley’s breasts are very self-supporting, she prefers a looser band when possible. She owns a Zoe – she wears this bra often.

Bra #3: Eva in 30DDD

Eva is a bit lumpy looking on Finley. The cups and lace overlay are both very soft and very thin, which don’t work well for rigid breasts. She commented that the hardware-free wide straps are very comfortable. But overall she isn’t a huge fan of this style. 

Bra #4: Petal in 30DDD

Petal’s shape is too pointy for her. There is some gapping on the sides. (Finley has virtually no “side boob,” but if you have a bit of fat tissue under your armpits, Petal won’t cut in.) 

Bra #5: Ivy in 30DDD

Along with Zoe, Ivy is another one of Finley’s favorite Understance bras. She owns one. The underwire is very comfortable for her. The only thing she dislikes is Ivy’s shape – still a bit too pointy. 

Bra #6: Luna in 32DD

Luna’s fabric cuts in a bit on Finley. Luna is a molded cup bra, which is often not the best option for people with very firm breasts. Molded cup bras make your breasts fit them, which is great for people with soft breast tissue who want to “manipulate” their breast shape, but not great for people whose breasts are more rigid. 

Bra #7: Day to Night in 32DD

Day to Night gaps above the wire for Finley. Day to Night’s wire is narrow, and works best for people with center-full breasts or breasts with even horizontal fullness. 

Bra #8: Midsummer in 32DD

Midsummer’s wire gaps on the sides. Like Day to Night, Midsummer’s wire runs narrow, and isn’t the best option for people with side-full breasts. 

Bra #9: Cleo in 32DD

Cleo’s wire sits too far back on Finley. Bras with a 32 band have straps that are farther apart than bras with a 30 band, even if they are sister sizes. 

Final thoughts

Finley’s current favorite Understance bra is Ivy. It’s a superstar at staying put and providing a held-in, secure feeling all day long. 

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