Introducing Our First Nursing Bra

When fitting our lovely models, we’ve had the privilege to meet some new mothers who told us they’d love it if we made a nursing bra. At Understance, we aim to make bras for all breast shapes and sizes at all life stages, so undoubtedly, we were up for it. Continue reading to learn the bare basics of nursing bras and how our new nursing bra is the best for you.  

Understance Nursing Bra

What is a Nursing Bra?

First things first, a nursing bra is worn when you are breastfeeding after giving birth. Different from a maternity bra, a nursing bra typically has a mechanism that opens for nursing and/or pumping.  

With nursing bras, comfort and fit are crucial. 

When you’re nursing, your breasts are producing milk and may feel tender, hard, and/or full. Your nipples may also feel sore, especially when you and your baby are just starting out with learning how to nurse. This means that your nursing bra should provide support and relief to your breasts and nipples, and to prevent leaks, it should feel comfortable enough to wear all day (even to bed). 

If your nursing bra is too tight, it can cause blocked ducts which can lead to infection, but if it’s too loose, it won’t be offering any much-needed support. Ideally, your nursing bra should fit comfortably and be able to accommodate slight body fluctuations (some wiggle room for up and down one cup and band size).  

Understance Nursing Bra

Most nursing bras on the market are wireless. Many wearers choose comfort over lift during this time. Our first nursing bra follows suit and doesn’t have underwire, though we will introduce an underwire nursing bra that goes up to a J cup this summer. Our nursing bra is a lot more than a “works well enough” bralette. It’s designed with care, for this special time in your life 

Introducing the Soft Sculpt Wireless Nursing Bra

Our Soft Sculpt Wireless Nursing Bra is the perfect nursing and pumping 2-in-1!  

Understance Soft Sculpt Wireless Nursing Bra, B-G Cup
Soft Sculpt Design

Our nursing bra is based off our Soft Sculpt collection. Our Soft Sculpt line is offered in slightly ambiguous cup sizing without compromising fit (making it perfect for fluctuating sizes). It’s also wireless, and seamless, which makes it suitable for 24/7 wear (you can go to sleep while still protecting your bed and furniture from leaking). 

If you’ve ever worn our Soft Sculpt Wireless Back-Close, this nursing bra fits just like it. 


When creating this bra, we noticed that most nursing bras come in universal sizing (S, M, L, and so on). This sizing system isn’t friendly to people with smaller band and larger cup sizes, or bigger band and smaller cup sizes. For example, if you wear 30G, you might find that you need an L for the cups, but an S for the band. Or if you wear 40B, you might find that you need an L for the band, but an M for the cups. 

That’s why our nursing bra comes in band and cup sizing, to offer a closer and better match. 

Available in sizes: 30-46 B/C D/DD, 30-44 DDD/G 

Product Features

Understance Nursing Bra
  • Easy-to-use plastic clips at shoulder straps for nursing and pumping. You can open and close the bra with one hand. 
Understance Nursing Bra
  • Enough structure to hold its shape when flap is opened for pumping 
  • Made of molded fabric (no seams on the cups), with molded foam cups (removable through a small opening near the armpit). These cups will prevent some leaking, but if you want more protection, add in our Reusable Nursing Pads. 
Understance Nursing Bra
  • Smooth and T-shirt friendly (Made of soft yet supportive fabric)
  • 5 hook settings for maximum adjustability and comfort 
  • Offers natural lift and more separation compared to most wireless bras 

Choose from 4 colours: Black, Champagne, Powder Pink, Latte

Need some more protection against leaking? 

Introducing Our Reusable Cotton Nursing Pads

These reusable nursing pads are made of 100% cotton and fit perfectly inside our Soft Sculpt Wireless Nursing Bra.  

  • Prevents leaking 
  • Undyed, soft, and safe 
  • Coarser side (made of absorbent cotton gauze) is meant to be on the outside, touching your bra 
  • Softer side (made of cotton jersey) is meant to be on the inside, touching your skin 
  • Wash and dry thoroughly between uses 

Good luck to all those nursing out there. Congratulations on your new baby! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which bra is best for breastfeeding?

Nursing bras that are soft, breathable, and non-compressive are best for breastfeeding. We suggest ones with easy access for nursing or pumping. If you don’t want to expose your entire chest, choose nursing bras with clips that open from the shoulder straps instead of from the front. The clips should be easy to use and can be opened with one hand in case you’re holding your baby at the same time. 

You should buy a bra that can accommodate body fluctuations, but still offer a good fit. It should have some wiggle room for up and down one cup and band size.  

Your bra should be able to contain leaks.  

It should also feel comfortable enough to take a nap or sleep in (you may need to wear it even overnight to prevent leaking). 

Wireless nursing bras are the most comfortable with their lack of underwire reducing potential irritation and discomfort. However, beyond a certain size, underwire nursing bras may feel more comfortable than wireless ones. The underwire can help lift your breasts and offer some relief from back and neck pain. 

2. What week should I buy a nursing bra?

You should buy a nursing bra near the end of your pregnancy as your breasts will be closest to your breastfeeding size.  

You can find your new bra size by using our Size Calculator or booking a virtual fitting with one of our fit specialists. If you need further information about measuring bra size, read this blog post. 

3. What is a nursing vs. regular bra?

A nursing bra is specifically designed to accommodate breastfeeding. It typically has features, such as clips, that open the bra to expose the nipple for nursing and/or pumping. 

Nursing bras are also specially crafted to be more flexible and supportive for breasts that fluctuate and enlarge in size. Some are built to prevent leaking as well and can be comfortably worn all day, even while sleeping. 

A regular bra is not built for breastfeeding or for supporting lactating breasts. 

4. Is it necessary to wear a nursing bra?

Not only can a nursing bra help provide comfort and support to your breasts, but it can also prevent leaking (so your bed and couch don’t smell like sour milk). With that said, it’s up to you and what feels best for your body. 

5. What bras should I wear after I’m done breastfeeding?

Once your breast size settles, you can wear any bra you want! Your body and breasts have likely changed during pregnancy and post-partum. So, we strongly recommend remeasuring your bra size and getting refitted. 

You can find your new bra size by using our size calculator or booking a virtual fitting with one of our fit specialists. If you’re in Vancouver, drop by our flagship store for a free in-person bra fitting. 

You may find that your breasts have become less self-supporting and that’s perfectly normal. An underwire bra can help provide additional lift and support. 

6. What bras are best for saggy breasts?

An underwire bra is best at providing lift and support to non-self-supporting breasts. Browse our comfortable FlexWire bras here. Compared to traditional underwire, our FlexWire is bendy, flexible, and comfortable. It moves with your body rather than against it. 

7. What bras should you avoid while breastfeeding?

You should avoid bras that are too tight or too compressive as that can cause clogged ducts.

8. What’s the difference between a maternity bra and a nursing bra?

A maternity bra is designed for when you are pregnant before giving birth. A nursing bra is designed for when you are nursing after giving birth. It often includes a mechanism that opens up the bra for nursing and pumping. 

9. What type of bra is best for maternity?

Your maternity bra should be stretchy and soft, with no pressure points. You should wear something that can accommodate and provide relief to your tender growing breasts. 

Wireless bras with ambiguous sizing, like our Soft Sculpt collection, make great options. Our Soft Sculpt line offers some flexibility in sizing (up and down one band and cup size), but still fits well and gives comfortable support. 

10. How do I know if my nursing bra fits well?

With nursing bras, comfort comes first. Use our fit check guide as a reference or book a virtual fitting to chat with one of our fit specialists. 

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