Minimizer Bras – How Do They Work?

If you have larger breasts and want them to look smaller, minimizer bras can be useful. When wearing button-downs, there’s always a gap between the second and third buttons, you can feel a breeze, and you constantly find yourself straightening and pulling on the shirt? Minimizer bras can be a solution. There are two takes on the minimizer bra:

1. “Spanx for your breasts”

Compression sports bras attempt to flatten and squash your breast tissue into pancakes. They move your breast tissue closer to the center, and to the sides into your armpits.

They are typically made of a stretch material, which reaches its elastic limit when worn (the material stretches to its max, and can’t stretch anymore). Constant wear can actually cause your breast tissue to shift semi-permanently (this is the mechanism behind chest binders). Instead of making your breasts look smaller, they actually make your breasts smaller.

Compression sports bras are excellent at bounce control. But they tend to give you a uni-boob look, can be hard to put on, and are not the best for natural circulation.

2. “Lift and redistribute”

Traditional minimizer bras lift your breasts away from your stomach, and redistribute your breast tissue so that there is less forward projection. There is some flattening, but the bra doesn’t push your breast tissue into the center gore or your armpits.

Traditional minimizer bras create the illusion that your breasts are smaller, without actually reducing their size. They are usually made with a firm, non-stretch material, with full front coverage. Because they lift your breasts up, they can make your waist look smaller. Underwire minimizer bras are excellent at lift and separation, which is useful for people who struggle with skin irritation.

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