Most Supportive and Least Supportive Bras

We get a lot of questions about our bras’ support level. From the most lifted, round, centered, contained,
locked ’n loaded… to the least. As with a lot of bra-things, the answer is more an art than a science.

We asked two fitting models to try on Understance bras and rank them by support level.

Model 1: Toni – Size: 40G

Toni bra support desktop
Toni bra support mobile

Model 2: Ellie – Size: 36DDD

Ellie bra support desktop
Ellie bra support mobile

The two models are not very different in size – only 3 absolute cup sizes apart (36DDD -> 38DDD -> 40DDD -> 40G). So why did they come up with such different rankings? One of the bras, Sierra FlexWire™ Balconette, is the most supportive bra on Toni’s list, and the least supportive on Ellie’s list.

The answer is a bra has to fit you well to be supportive. Toni and Ellie have very different breast shapes. There isn’t one bra that could possibly fit them both well.

Toni’s shape: very short roots, wide roots, medium projection. The feature of her breast shape that stands out the most is short roots.

Tonis Breast

Toni’s breasts when supported, side view

Tonis Breast 2

Average breasts when supported, side view

Tonis Breast 3

“X-ray” view of Toni in the Quinn FlexWire™ Full Coverage Bra

Full coverage bras don’t work for her. There are empty pockets at the top and bottom of the cups (seen from the shadow under the mesh panels and wrinkles above the wire). The wire is hovering below her breasts, not giving her much lift.

Quinn front 1
Quinn issue side
Quinn Sided

Now let’s look at Ellie (36DDD) in the same bra:

Quinn Front 2
Quinn side 1
quinn back

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