6 Benefits of a Good Bra

Not everyone needs a bra. Some people don’t need or want support for their breasts (lucky you). Some people need bra-level support at all timeseven when lounging at home or sleeping. If you are the latter, you are likely no stranger to the discomfort of poorly fitted bras. But you may be surprised to find out that there are unexpected benefits to having a comfortable, well-fitting bra. 

1. Say goodbye to shoulder, upper back, and neck pain

If your breasts are on the heavier side, not getting the proper support from a bra often means shoulder, upper back, and neck pain. The bra band is supposed to do the heavy lifting when it comes to support, and the shoulder straps are mainly there to keep the bra in place. If the band is too thin, too loose, or too stretched out, instead of lifting your breasts up, it’ll let them hang down and leave all the support work to the shoulder straps. This will make the straps indent your shoulders, give you upper back and neck pain, and even give you tension headaches.  

2. Better posture

When your breasts are not getting the proper support, your body will slouch to reduce the pressure they exert on your shoulders and back. When you switch to a bra that offers good support, you may find that your body is relieved of the weight of your breasts, and your posture improves.  

3. No more rashes, acne, or infections

We’ve seen rashes, acne, and even infections in the customers we’ve fitted. We’ve seen it in the underboob area, underarm area, cleavage, and underneath where the shoulder straps sit. Irritation usually comes from the bra itself (bad hardware or rough fabrics), or from the skin rubbing together (because the bra doesn’t do its job). Some culprits: 

  • underbands that are overly decorated with itchy lace or embroidery 
  • stretched out, loose bands that let your breasts rub against your torso 
  • underwires that are too tall on the sides 
  • underwires that don’t separate the breasts at the cleavage and cause excessive sweating 
  • underwires that poke at the center gore 
  • shoulder straps that do the heavy lifting (because other parts of the bra aren’t pulling their weight) 

Bras are supposed to relieve and support, not rub, chafe, poke, or squeeze. No amount of skin irritation is “good enough” for a bra! Making a habit out of wearing well-fitting bras can reduce skin irritation and discomfort. 

4. Better-fitting clothes

If your breasts are on the larger side, you’ve probably struggled with button-down shirts. Minimizing bras can reduce your bustline and eliminate the awkward gap between that second and third button. 

If your skin is on the more relaxed side, wearing a bra with a wide band and good side-boob coverage can smooth overhang and bulges, making your silhouette more flattering under form-fitting tops and dresses. 

5. More mental space freed up for better things

An ill-fitting bra requires you to adjust many times throughout the day, whether it’s pulling up your bra straps, tugging at the bra cup to avoid your breasts from overflowing, pulling the bra band down, or holding your breasts in place when you need to bend over or run a few steps. With a well-fitting bra, you can put it on in the morning, scoop and swoop, and forget about it until you need to take it off!  

6. Improvement in mental health & self-esteem

If you’ve been on a long and seemingly never-ending journey to find a comfortable, well-fitting bra, it could affect your mental health. Failing to find a good bra can make you think that your body is abnormal in some way, or even not deserving of comfort and attractiveness. (Many of our customers have confessed to crying after going bra shopping. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.) 

We want to remind you that it’s ALWAYS the bra’s fault, and NEVER your body’s fault. Bras can be miserably complicated, but there’s always a solution. If you are struggling to find your solution, reach out to us (either by booking a virtual fitting or emailing us at hello@understance.com), and let’s make that bra together. It’s our mission to provide a comfortable foundation for all. 

A bra that you feel good in can do wonders for your health, convenience, and quality of life. What we wear underneath is just as important as what we wear out. Everyone deserves to feel good in their bra. Don’t settle for a bad one. 

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