Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #004, Size 40DD/40DDD, Omega

Customer: Rose, Size 40DD/40DDD

Rose came to the store with her daughter. They shopped for bras at the Bay. Rose mentioned that most of her bra fit issues had to do with her height. She is 5 feet and has a shorter torso. The department store bras she bought left gaps in the underarm area, so she was searching for a closer fit. She is 55 years old and going through menopause. She also has a sensitive ribcage. Her ideal bra is light, airy, and not irritating at the wire. 

We took her measurements: 38.5’’ underband, 45.5’’ standing bust, 46.5’’ leaning bust. Due to her ribcage sensitivity, she liked a slightly looser band. 

Her breast roots are wide and very short. She is shallow on both top and bottom. There is a lot of immediate projection. Her breasts have an omega shape from the side, like a sideways . 

Bra #1: Ivy in 40DDD

Ivy’s wire shape is a mismatch for Rose. She could feel the wire sitting on her ribcage and extending into her armpit. There is gapping at the bottom of the cup. The underwire is sitting on her ribcage and not actually supporting her breast tissue. 

Bra #2: Simone in 40DDD

Simone’s underwire is more comfortable for Rose than Ivy’s. There is no gapping at the bottom or top of the cups. The cups are not deep enough, so the center gore doesn’t tack. Rose said she could still feel the underwire on this bra, even though it’s less noticeable than the underwire on Ivy. 

Bra #3: Zoe in 40DDD

Zoe is a winner for Rose! She can’t feel the underwire digging or poking anywhere. The cup puckers slightly at the bottom, but she’s getting support from the underwire. The bra offers a natural lift, and contours her breasts into a rounder shape. It’s lifting, but also light and airy. (Rose’s daughter picked Zoe also). 

Bra #4: Hugger in 40DD

Rose liked Hugger too! She likes that it’s wireless, but surprisingly supportive. Because she wanted a bit more lift, we gave her a cup size down for Hugger. She said this bra is not as attractive as Zoe, but because of its light padding and smooth lace, it’s more practical. 

Bra #5: Cleo in 40DD

Rose liked this bra’s design, especially the lace! The uni-wire fits her well and is very comfortable. The downside is that it doesn’t offer a lot of side support. Her breasts point outward, and a small amount of side support could bring them closer together. 

Bra #6: Noelle in 40D/DD

The cups are too small for Rose. She said this bra feels “compressive.” However, she likes the wide shoulder straps and back design. 

Bra #7: Eva in 40DD/DDD

Rose likes the wide shoulder straps and back design on Eva as well, which make her shoulders feel lighter. The fit is similar to Hugger. This bra also passes the white t-shirt test. 

Final thoughts

At the end of the fitting session, Rose chose Zoe as her favorite. She said Zoe feels like a hug and the coverage is just right. It checks all the boxes for her: light, airy, supportive, non-irritating underwire. It works well on a shorter torso, and doesn’t heat up. She feels good in it. 

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