Nishan De Silva

At Understance, we want to make comfortable, flattering bras that meet the needs of everybody, and if there’s one thing that we get asked for the most, it’s T-shirt bras. Whether during product fittings, on social media, or in chats and emails, we get that same request.   Which is why we’re proud to introduce […]

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Nursing Bra

When fitting our lovely models, we’ve had the privilege to meet some new mothers who told us they’d love it if we made a nursing bra. At Understance, we aim to make bras for all breast shapes and sizes at all life stages, so undoubtedly, we were up for it. Continue reading to learn the

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There’s a marketing cliché that “80% of bra wearers are wearing the wrong size.” Though it’s over-repeated, we believe there is some truth to it. With many brick and mortar stores carrying a limited size range, many of us make do with a bra that’s just okay (and probably feels a bit uncomfortable).    But

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51 Common bra questions and answers

If you have any burning bra questions, you’ve come to the right place! Learn about what bras you should buy, how to wash your bras, how to fix bra fit problems, and more. We wish you the best of luck on your bra journey! 1. How many bras should I own? We recommend you own

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Not sure how to buy a bra?   Are you used to trying on twenty bras only for one of them to fit, and now you’re not feeling good about your chances with the bra lottery?   This blog will help you find the right bra at Understance.  Step 1: Use the size calculator If

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