How to Buy a Bra from Understance

Not sure how to buy a bra?  

Are you used to trying on twenty bras only for one of them to fit, and now you’re not feeling good about your chances with the bra lottery?  

This blog will help you find the right bra at Understance. 

Step 1: Use the size calculator

If you have never shopped with us before or have only shopped at stores that carry up to DDD, start with a quick size check. We encourage remeasuring every 6 months or especially when your body has gone through some changes.

Your calculator results may be surprisingly different from what you normally wear, but if you are not 100% happy with your current bra, give the new size a try.

Many fit issues like slipping shoulder straps, a shifty band, and insufficient lift can be resolved by wearing the right size. If you are uncertain which size fits you best, grab three neighbouring sizes using our “Buy 3 for 20% off” pricing, and return for free what doesn’t fit.

Step 2: Take the style quiz

The style quiz asks you 6 questions and makes up to 3 recommendations. If it returns no results, it means we don’t have something that 100% fits your needs.  

We currently have a range of styles for various underwire widths and breast shapes, but don’t have many low coverage or heavily padded bras.

Style quiz Understance

Try changing the coverage or padding level to get more results. Not sure how to answer the quiz questions? Spend 5 minutes on Branatomy to learn the fundamentals of breast shapes. 

Step 3: Use the filters and Comparison Tool

If you are more of an advanced bra shopper, and know exactly what you want, use the filters instead of the style quiz.  

Our bras are organized by amount of coverage, how deep the cups run, amount of padding, underwire width, how high the centre gore sits, how high the wire comes up on the sides, and how the cups are constructed.  

You can use our Comparison Tool to look at up to three bras side-by-side: 

Find the bras you’re interested in and check off the “Compare” box. 

Comparison tool by Understance

Click the “Compare” button that pops up at the bottom of your screen. 

Compare bras by Understance

View the bras side-by-side, in terms of price, sizes, reviews, product specifics, etc. 

Compare Understance Bras

Step 4: Set up a virtual fitting

If youre still not feeling confident on knowing how to buy a bra that fits, schedule a virtual fitting. It‘s a 20-minute, one-on-one Zoom session with a fit specialist. We do not record the session. You don’t have to wear a bra on camera, although you can if you are fully comfortable with it.

Step 5: Do a fit check

Once you receive your bras, do a fit check. Our fit check guide lists five “objective” standards of a technically perfect fit that most bra fitters agree on.  

But this stage is more art than science. You are the person wearing the bra, and no one else can feel what you feel. If the bra checks all five boxes but feels stiff and punishing, don’t settle for it.  

If the bra doesn’t quite check all five boxes but you feel comfortable and supported, it’s completely fine to wear it. 

Step 6: Consult the troubleshooting guide

If your purchase didn’t quite work out, use our troubleshooting guide for next steps. We list common fit issues that have to do with the band, underwire, cups, and straps, and what to do about them.  

If you are looking for something that falls outside of this guide, schedule another virtual fitting. We rarely miss the mark with two sessions.  

If we don’t yet carry what you need, write to us at or tell us in a virtual fitting. We collect these requests and use them to create new products. 

Step 7: Return what didn’t fit

Head to our return portal to generate a pre-paid shipping label. Tape it to the box and drop it off at USPS or Canada Post. Returns are 30 days from day of delivery and free of charge.  

It will take 30-40 days for us to process the refund. 

Return portal Understance

Is this starting to feel like a part-time job? 

The truth is, bra fitting is complicated. But it’s not that complicated. It takes some time to learn about sizing and shape, and one to three rounds of purchases to nail it.  

But bras are foundational. It’s the first thing we wear everyday. It sits closer to us than any other item of clothing, so it’s worth your time learning how to buy a bra that fits you!  

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