Update: 28 Bands

We currently offer 3 options for 28 bands*: Harper (C-H), Sierra (C-G), Harper (Eco Lace) (C-H). 

We will offer 3 new styles in 28 bands by March 2024.

Yara FlexWire Unpadded Lift Bra

Size range: 28-42, DD-J Cup

Description: very light, very lifting. A low-gore, projected seamed cup bra with no padding.

Gemma FlexWire Strappy Unpadded Lift Bra

Size range: 28-42, C-H Cup

Description: like Yara, Gemma is designed to be light but lifting. Low-gore, projected, no padding.

Chelsea FlexWire Unpadded Demi Bra

Size range: 28-42, A-D Cup

Description: a shallow bra designed for less breast volume. Fits wide.

28 band bras made up about 0.2% of our sales in 2023 so far. While we can’t afford to stock every style in this size range, we will continue to choose at least 2 styles per season that include 28 bands.

We know that our current offering doesn’t suit everyone who wears a 28 band. But we hope you will like our new options, coming very soon!

As always, if you have feedback about our products, write to us at hello@understance.com or DM us on Facebook or Instagram.

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