Hard to Fit Shapes and Their Bras

Loose Skin

People who’ve had weight loss, seniors, and people with certain medical conditions tend to have loose skin. People with looser skin usually find coverage lacking in the back or in the underarm area.  

Bra solution:

We recommend the Soft Sculpt line. All three Soft Sculpt styles offer a lot of coverage and will hold you in comfortably. 

Short Torso

People with short torsos don’t have a lot of space in the underarm area. If the side underwire is too tall, it can cause digging. 

Bra solution:

Bras with lower side underwires will work. We especially recommend Harper Smooth Lace FlexWire Strappy Soft Cup Bra, D-H Cup.

Long Torso

People with long torsos tend to find that bras don’t hold them in, especially on the sides. Some may find the underwire too short on the sides. It can be painful if your flesh is pooling on top of the tip of the underwire. 

Bra solution:

Bras with taller side underwires will work. 

Omega Shape

People with an Omega shape have small roots (short and narrow), and a lot of projection (“deep” breasts), like Ω. Shopping for Omega shapes can be difficult – bras that are deep enough tend to cause gapping (along the edges of the bra cups), but bras with properly fitting underwires tend to be too shallow. 

Bra solution:

We recommend Zoe FlexWire Sheer Coverage Bra, D-G Cups for Omega-shaped breasts. It has a narrow underwire, and the unlined cups are forgiving in depth.


Symmastia is a condition where your breasts are connected in the center, with no cleavage between them. People with symmastia tend to find center gores painful. 

Bra solution:

Wireless bras will work here. We especially recommend Cate Wireless Soft Cup Bra, B-DD Cup. If you want an underwire, try Cleo, which has no center gore. It won’t give you any separation, but there is no center gore to irritate your breast tissue. If you want to create cleavage and separate your breasts, try a mid- to high-gore bra.


People with leaking/discharge need bras with absorbent padding. 

Bra solution:

We recommend our cotton cup bras. We pair our cotton cup bras with lace on the outside. The cotton is absorbent, and the lace can prevent stains from showing. 

8 thoughts on “Hard to Fit Shapes and Their Bras”

  1. I think Zoe wireless will be able to do a proper fit for me but am on the big side cup should be H or I
    Any recommendations/ advice??
    Looking forward to your response

    Thank you

  2. Wow, your company is awesome and has successfully met the needs of everywomen’s breasts! I personally don’t wear a bra but subscribe to your company because I really admire your ethics and supportive approach to all women. Keep up the good work!

  3. Marjorie Senechal

    How about something for women with narrow shoulders that is not a sports bra. I have scoliosis, a short torso and narrow shoulders so my bra straps constantly slide off my shoulders. I don’t want something that rides on my trapezius.

    1. Hi Marjorie, we have a few styles that fit narrow (Zoe and Ivy are two of the best selling narrow-fit products). If you could let us know your size or measurements, we could make more targeted recommendations!

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