Best Bras for Small Band Large Cups

People with small band big bust have a unique set of challenges when shopping for bras. Our customers often complain that finding a small band large cup bras are difficult, and the options tend to be too modest and conservative in design.

We’ve rounded up some of our best bras for this size range. This article will discuss bra options that go down to at least a 30 back, and up to at least a G cup.

Simone & Kali

Simone and Kali are a pair of light-to-medium support bras. You can think of them as bralettes with an underwire. They both have medium-width underwire, and work best for full-on-bottom breast shapes. They start at a 30 band, and come in C-G cups.

Amy wears 30G in Simone

Amy wears 30G in Kali

Sidney & Zoe

If you are after a bra without center seams, Sidney and Zoe are your best picks. Zoe’s underwire is narrow, while Sidney’s is a bit more open. They both start at a 30 band. Zoe comes in D-G cups, while Sidney comes in C-H cups.

Amy wears 30G in Sidney

Tiana wears 30DD in Zoe

Sierra & Salma

If you want a projected bra that tacks in the center gore, Sierra and Salma are your match. They both have wide underwire. Salma is a full coverage style, while Sierra is a low-coverage balconette. Salma starts at a 30 band, and comes in D-J cups. Sierra starts at a 28 band, and comes in C-G cups.

Morgan wears 32DDD in Sierra

Angela wears 32DDD in Salma

Harper & Ivy

If you want a bra with light padding that hide the headlights, Harper and Ivy are for you. They feature light, cotton padding that won’t look bulky or give you too much volume. Both Harper and Ivy have narrow underwire and fit shallow. Harper starts at a 28 band, and comes in C-H cups. Ivy goes up to 30H, 32I, and 34J.

Morgan wears 32DDD in Harper.

Angela wears 34DDD in Ivy.

Our size range doesn’t cover you yet? Visit our Product Roadmap to find out about new and upcoming products.

We have some exciting options coming out in late fall 2023, including two styles that go down to a 30 band and K cup.

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  1. Thank you for the useful and practical article you wrote One of the most attractive bras are bras with large cups and thin straps. This is one of the ideal bras for formal wear.

    1. Hi there, may I ask for the size you are looking for? We tend to stay away from thin straps for larger cups, because they don’t do as good of a job with support, and can cause neck/shoulder/upper back pain.

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