Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #002, Size 40J, Balloon

Customer: Ava, Size 40J

Ava has been a regular fitting model with us for almost 9 months. At her first fitting session, she said she’s worn Curvy Kate and Elomi, but didn’t have a size that consistently worked for her. We didn’t have any samples in her size at the time, so we took her measurements and started from scratch. 9 months later, with her help (and help from many other fitting models), we expanded Ivy’s size range, and now have a bra that fits her! 

Her measurements: 38’’ tight underband, 40’’ loose underband, 50’’ standing bust, 51’’ leaning bust. We recommended 40J. 

An illustration of Ava's breast shape which is balloon, meaning is round all around

Her roots are wide with average-height. Her breasts are equally full-on-top and full-on-bottom. They are more center-full than side-full. They are relatively self-supporting (not a big difference between standing bust and leaning bust). 

Bra #1: Ivy in40J

If it looks like this bra is custom-made for her, it kind of is! The center gore separates her breasts, the underwire contours her roots exactly and ends at a comfortable height on the sides. There is no gapping anywhere in the cups. There’s a minimizing effect, and the silhouette is gently rounded. 

The straps are further apart than we would like, but they do a good job hiding side boobs. The back apex will sit closer together if she wears the bra on the middle or tightest hooks.  

Bra #2: Ivy Smooth Lace in 40J

This bra has the same fit as the original Ivy. As stated on its product page, this bra has an aesthetic flaw. There is a bit of extra fabric covering the cups, which creates a winkling effect. The fit and feel of the bra are the same as the original Ivy. You can snag it for $10.  

*this bra has since been discontinued. You can still shop our regular Ivy

Bra #3: Ivy in 38J

She tried on 38J to compare. But this size doesn’t fit her as well. The underwire is too narrow, and the band flips up because it’s too tight. 

Final thoughts

We don’t have many options for Ava at the moment, but this is a start! She has worn several different versions of Ivy prototypes. She said it washes well, feels supportive and secure, and is very comfortable. She had considered breast reduction surgery, and has put the plan on hold, because she found a comfortable, well-fitting bra. We hope to have more options for this size range in the near future. 

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