Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #001, Size 40G, Bottom-full

Customer: Pam, Size 40G

Pam came in and told us she didn’t really have the same size across different brands. She’s worn 38DDDs before, and shopped with Change Lingerie, but didn’t have a favorite go-to. She was looking for a supportive, underwire bra. 

We took her measurements: 40’’ underbust (she preferred tight underbust), 51’’ leaning bust. 

Her breast roots are wide and tall. They are very projected, fuller on bottom, and equally full on the sides and in the center. They are relaxed. 

Bra #1: Harper in 40G

She liked this bra! We actually gave this bra to her in an earlier fitting, so she could take it home, wear and wash it, and see how it holds up. About 3 weeks of regular wear (and encouraged bra abuse) later, the wire shape didn’t change. 

The center gore didn’t touch her chest. However, her breasts are very full in the center (touching when supported). She said she didn’t get irritation from her breasts touching, and dislikes the center gore forcing her breasts apart, so this wasn’t a deal breaker. 

Pam said this bra is very comfortable. 

Bra #2: Ivy in 40G

This bra fit less well overall. The main issue is the wire shape – it’s not wide enough for her roots. This created an awkward gap in the underarm/apex area. Besides the wire, there was some gapping in the front underneath the top portion of the mesh. This is because her breasts are shallower on top, and Ivy’s top section is on the roomy side. 

Bra #3: Ivy Smooth Lace in 40G

Ivy Smooth Lace has the same fit as the original Ivy, so it’s not a surprise that it wasn’t a good fit either. The main issue is the wire shape. It doesn’t contour her roots well because it’s not wide enough. 

*this bra has since been discontinued but our regular Ivy is still available

Final thoughts

At the end of the fitting session, Pam said Harper was her favorite of the three. She’s worn it often for a few weeks, and said it provides the support and shape she wanted, and continues to be comfortable. 

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