Tips for Bra Shopping Online

Bra shopping isn’t always the most positive experience. Some don’t like how they look under the harsh fluorescent lights at department stores. Some find retail stores inaccessible. Some struggle to find the colour or size they want at brick and mortar stores. Some simply don’t have enough time to make a trip to the bra store. 

Online shopping gives you a world of options. Plus, you can try on bras in the privacy and comfort of your own home, and take your time making decisions. We know finding a bra that fits can often be a challenge. But with fast shipping and free returns, shopping for bras online can be a good alternative to trying on bras in stores. Here’s our tips on how to find the perfect bra, even when you’re shopping online!

Know your size

The #1 reason that people hesitate to shop for bras online is size. If you buy the wrong size, you are stuck with a return. With t-shirts or pants, most people are wearing more or less the right size. But with bras, it’s not unusual for us to fit someone who comes in wearing 36DD, only to walk out with a 32H.

A bra marketing cliche is “80% of people are wearing the wrong size.” We don’t know the accuracy of this claim. But judging by the fact that the average big box store in North America carries around 20% of the sizes people actually need, there is probably some truth to this statistic.

When shopping for bras online, we recommend starting with a quick size check. You will need a soft measuring tape. If you don’t have one, we sell them for $6 CAD ($5 USD) here.

Head on over to our bra size calculator. Plug in your three measurements (snug underbust, leaning bust, standing bust). Choose your fit preference (go with “RELAXED” if you don’t want much lift, “FIRM” if you want lift). Below is the size chart we use to calculate FIRM FIT. We sister size up for RELAXED FIT.

Bra size chart in inches
Bra Size Chart (Inches)
Bra Size Chart (Centimeters)

Use our filter to see which options are available in your size.

“I always wore 40D, the size chart says I’m a 36G”

Bra sizes don’t stay the same throughout adulthood. Even if your weight stayed the same, your bra size can change.

If you’ve always shopped at physical stores where your true size isn’t carried, and you are unhappy with your bras – slipping shoulder straps, back riding up, spilling out of the cups… we recommend doing a quick size check.

We offer free shipping and returns over $80 CAD and duty free shopping for US customers. If you are unsure about your best size, order two sizes to compare, and send back what didn’t work.

We are a Canadian bra company and ship from our warehouse in Canada. To our U.S. customers, we offer fast, reliable, trackable shipping via USPS.

Be open-minded about different shapes and constructions

When we think of “bra,” most of us think of something like a molded cup demi. It is the most popular shape and material on the North American market by far. Its popularity has to do with its versatility (easy to wear with different necklines, provides nipple coverage), and its price point (molded cup bras are relatively inexpensive to manufacture). But the molded cup demi isn’t the only option, and certainly isn’t the most suitable option for everyone. 

Seamed Cup Bras
Unlike molded cup bras which require your breasts to take the shape of the cups, seamed cup bras wrap around your breasts and contours your body’s shape instead. 
They may look too sheer for nipple coverage, or too flimsy to provide any lift. But if you wear a D cup or above, we recommend that you try a seamed cup bra at least once. You may be surprised by the magical combination of feeling free but feeling supported.
Our best seller in this category is the Ivy Full Coverage. The best selling product for a smaller size range (C-G cups) is the Simone FlexWire Light Bra. The best selling product for a bigger size range (DD-J cups) is the Anya FlexWire Unpadded.

Take advantage of virtual fittings

We offer free virtual fittings to answer all your bra questions. Vritual fittings are one-on-one sessions with a bra fitting expert (you can bring a friend if you like, but there will only be one person on our end). We don’t record the session. You can show us how a bra fits on camera if you want to, but it’s not required.

Sign up on our calendar here. Understanding your breast shape and identifying what you don’t like about your fit can be confusing. We are here to help.

We encourage you to sign up, even if we don’t carry your size. We are working on expanding our sizes and bringing more options to the market, and we would love input from you. Help us make your new favorite bra!

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