Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #006, Size 34G, Top-Full/Very Relaxed

Customer: Jasmine, Size 34G

Jasmine found us on Instagram, placed an order, and fell in love with her new bras. She is the proud owner of 3 Petal Smooth Lace FlexWire Bras (discontinued) (with matching panties, Darby Smooth Lace Cheeky). She decided to come in person so we can make new bras together! 

Her measurements: 33’’ tight underband, 39’’ standing bust, 43’’ leaning bust.  

She has very relaxed breast tissue, with downward pointing nipples. Her breast tissue is very soft. Her unsupported nipple to shoulder distance is 15’’. There is a 4’’ difference between her standing and leaning bust measurements. (When there’s a more than 2’’ difference between your standing and leaning bust measurements, we recommend taking the average between standing and leaning busts to get your bra size.) We recommended 34G. 

Her breasts are very projected. They are fuller on top, with average fullness on the bottom. The top of her roots is almost connected in the middle. She is 5’3’’ and has a shorter torso. Her right breast is slightly bigger than the left. 

She used to suffer from bra-related back pain, and wants her bras to be supportive.

Bra #1: Petal in 34G

Petal is Jasmine’s favorite bra. No poking, no gapping, supportive and cute. The cups are rigid enough to provide some shape, and the lining is just thick enough for slightly asymmetrical breasts. The underwire is the right shape and lifts well. Petal’s top cup section is roomy, which works well for top-full breasts. 

Bra #2: Petal in 40DDD

Petal works best for someone with more breast tissue above the nipple, so it’s a good match for Shreya! We noticed that Petal runs bigger in the cups, so we gave her a smaller cup size (40DDD) for this style. She fills out the cups well, and the center gore stays flat against her sternum. The wire can be a bit more open at the bottom.

Bra #3: Zoe in 40G

One thing we didn’t love about this fit was the spillage. Because Zoe offers medium front coverage, very top-full breasts tend to spill out over the cups. Besides this issue, Zoe was a good fit for her. Shreya said the wire was very comfortable, she could barely feel it. 

Bra #4: Harper in 40G

Harper is a full coverage bra disguised as a strappy demi. The straps are more than decorative elements – they actually help hold you in, even if most of your breast tissue is at the top. The straps cut in a little bit here. Besides this issue, Harper is a good fit on Shreya. She said it felt secure and supportive, and liked the look of the style. 

Final thoughts

For dramatically top-full breasts, we recommend Petal. The higher center gore and stretch lace help hold you in and prevent spillage.

Petal Smooth Lace FlexWire Soft Cup Bra, D-H Cup

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