Fitting Room Diaries: Entry #007, Size 36H, Bottom-Full/Very Relaxed

Customer: Carla, Size 36H

Carla was a walk-in customer. When we asked about her preferences, she said she just wanted something in her size, as she can never find bras that fit her at brick-and-mortar stores. She usually wears sports bras instead. 

We took Carla’s measurements: 34’’ snug underband, 42’’ standing bust, 45’’ leaning bust. We recommended 36H. 

Carla’s breasts are full on bottom and shallower on top. Her roots are tall, with average width. Her breasts are very projected and relaxed. 

Bra #1: Salma in 36H

This is the first prototype of Salma, a bra we plan to launch in winter 2022. The wire shape could use some improvement, but there is no gapping or wrinkling anywhere on the cups! The shape is very round – not at all pointy or cone-like. We want this bra to be a wider-wire option for people looking for heavy-duty lift and separation. Salma is out now!

Bra #2: Amber in 36G/H

Amber looks like a sports bra, but is designed to be a wireless, supportive bra for larger busts without the compression or tightness. Carla said she would wear this bra for day-to-day activities, but not high-impact sports, so this bra hit the mark! She also said this bra is quite minimizing, feels “binding,” which she isn’t looking for. The back-hook is hard to fasten, not very friendly to people with mobility issues. Overall, this bra is not for her. 

Bra #3: Harper in 36H

The underwire fits Carla nicely. There’s no pinching or digging anywhere. The bottom of the cups crinkle slightly, because the bottom section isn’t roomy enough for her breasts (full on bottom), and her breasts are pushing the cups down. There’s a slight gap at the top, under the mesh section (shallow on top). Carla said she doesn’t usually find pretty designs in her size, so she’s thrilled about this style. 

Bra #4: Ivy in 36H

Similar to Harper, Ivy’s underwire fits Carla well, but crinkles at the bottom of the cup. 

Bra #4: Petal in 36G

Carla tried on Petal in 36H, but the cups gapped a lot on top, so we gave her a small cup size. Petal has a taller cup and a roomy upper section, which works best for breasts with even-ish vertical fullness to fuller on top. Carla is shallower on top, so this bra didn’t work for her. 

Final thoughts

Of the products we have on the market, Harper was Carla’s favorite. But her real favorite is Salma. We are so excited to be making this bra with her! 

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