Size Calculator Upgrade

The calculator usually gives me an idea of the band size. But the cup size is wildly off.”

– 42 band fitting model

We studied the measurements and sizes of 38 models in the 40+ size range. Here’s how our size calculator did:

  • Only 5 results were correct
  • 2 results underestimated the model’s cup size
  • 31 results overestimated the model’s cup size

For models in the 40+ band size range, the calculator overestimates the model’s cup size 82% of the time.

  • For 40 band, the calculator overestimates by 1 cup
  • For 42 band, the calculator overestimates by 1 cup
  • For 44 band, the calculator overestimates by 2 cups
  • For 46 band, the calculator overestimates by 3 cups
  • Not enough data for 48 band

Two possible reasons that 40+ band requires a different sizing method from 28-38 band:

1. Side-full vs. center-full

Many customers in the 40+ band size range have a lot of fullness on the sides, and some empty space between breasts. With our uncorrected sizing method, the size calculator assumes the empty space between breasts is filled with breast tissue.

If we look only at the red dotted lines (where the measuring tape goes), we see that these two sets of breasts will have the same measurements:

But these two sets of breasts clearly have different volumes, and need to wear different cup sizes.

The calculator would give the correct result for side- and center-full, but overestimate the cup size for side-full.

Given that 70-80% of our fitting models in this size range are side-full, we corrected the size calculator to work for this shape. If you are dramatically center-full (breasts touching when supported), size up 1 cup if you wear 40/42 band, 2 cups if you wear 44 band, and 3 cups if you wear 46/48 bands (based on what the current size calculator gives you).

2. Non-breast projection

The size calculator assumes that any projection the measuring tape picks up is breast projection.

Most of us have some projection in the underarm and back area. If non-breast projection measures more than 1’’, the previous size calculator would overestimate your cup size.

Our new size calculator corrects for these two common scenarios.

We’ve found that in the 40+ band size range, there are more variations in shape, which could make it trickier to figure out your size without some trial and error. Returns are always free – if you are able, order 2-3 neighboring sizes the first time you shop with us. Alternatively, you can book a virtual fitting with us, or come to our store on 1024 Robson Street if you are in the Vancouver area.

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