Why We Made Salma

Up until now, we only have two shapes that go up to a J cup (UK GG cup) – Ivy and Amber

Ivy has a U-shaped underwire that suits narrow to regular sets. It also suits side-full shapes who want to bring their breasts toward the middle (so you can move your arms around more freely).

1. For people who want a wider/more open underwire that’s flatter at the bottom, or prefer a natural hourglass shape (not bringing breasts toward the middle), Salma will be a better option.

2. Another thing that’s different about Salma is the side profile. Because Ivy has side support, the shape from the side can look more cone-ish, especially for G+ cups.

Salma has a naturally rounded shape. The way Salma redistributes breast volume can actually make breasts look smaller.

3. Ivy’s plunge/full coverage shape covers everything and works well for top-full shapes. But bottom-full shapes tend to struggle with gapping (beneath the mesh section).

Salma’s lower neckline makes it more friendly to people who are fuller on the bottom, and shallower on top.

Salma FlexWire Full Coverage Lace Bra, D-J Cup

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