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Finding a bra that feels comfortable and supportive can be hard to begin with. Since typical bra stores only carry A-DDD cups, folks with DDD+ cups have an even harder time finding bras that actually fit and feel right. Today, we have compiled our best bras for larger breasts, according to size range and fit […]

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We currently offer 6 options for 28 bands*:   Sierra for C-G  Morgan wears Black in 32DDD Size range: 28-44, C-G  Colours: Cafe Au Lait, Sakura, Black  Description: A low coverage, balconette bra with a wider underwire. The 4-part seamed cups provide great lift and a rounded shape. Unpadded and lightly lined with soft mesh.  SHOP

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Loose Skin People who’ve had weight loss, seniors, and people with certain medical conditions tend to have loose skin. People with looser skin usually find coverage lacking in the back or in the underarm area.   Bra solution: We recommend the Soft Sculpt line. All three Soft Sculpt styles offer a lot of coverage and will

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People with small band, big bust have a unique set of challenges when shopping for bras. Our customers often complain that finding small band, large cup bras is difficult, and the options tend to be too modest and conservative in design.  We’ve rounded up some of our best bras for this size range. This article

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Most bras in North America are t-shirt bras. T-shirt bras are also known as molded bras or smooth cup bras. They are made from foam. Imagine dipping your fingertip in hot wax, and the hot wax cools into a little cup – that’s pretty much how t-shirt bras are made. T-shirt bras are great at

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Sidney was created as a smooth, upgraded version of Zoe. Here’s how they compare: Band Zoe’s band is taller and tends to roll up. We fixed this issue with Sidney. The shorter band and arched bridge (front-center portion of band) prevent rolling. Band Zoe’s band is taller and tends to roll up. We fixed this

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We currently offer 5 core underwear product lines. 1. Soft Contour Fabric:69% modal, 31% Lycra® spandex  Shaping level:5/10 (5 = smooth out lines and unevenness in the skin, but won’t make you look a size smaller. Can feel light compression.)  Pros:Modal is a plant-based fiber (made from birch tree pulp). It’s natural, breathable, and cool

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In this article, we will review and compare 8 different bra size calculators. They vary a great deal in the information they gather and the algorithm they use to suggest a size. We will explore these differences, with a goal of understanding the factors that go into estimating your bra size. For convenience of discussion,

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Underwire Salma and Quinn share the same underwire. It’s wide and flat at the bottom. It has a regular center gore height, and skews higher on the sides. It’s softer on smaller sizes, and more rigid on bigger sizes. Salma and Quinn have the same underwire Inside Salma’s cup Material Salma’s cups are made from a soft lace

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Customer: Lara, Size 38G Lara is one of our regular fitting models. She has consistently worn 38G, and wants her breasts to be lifted and centered with a bra on. She has found Empreinte to be a good fit in the past.  Her measurements: 39’’ underband, 46’’ standing bust, 47’’ leaning bust  She likes a very firm and lifting fit. She is between 38G and 38H, but finds 38H not

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