Fitting Room Diaires

Customer: Lara, Size 38G Lara is one of our regular fitting models. She has consistently worn 38G, and wants her breasts to be lifted and centered with a bra on. She has found Empreinte to be a good fit in the past.  Her measurements: 39’’ underband, 46’’ standing bust, 47’’ leaning bust  She likes a very firm and lifting fit. She is between 38G and 38H, but finds 38H not […]

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Customer: Toni, Size 40G Toni is one of our regular fitting models. She went bra-less for three years because she wasn’t able to find comfortable options. Prior to discovering Understance, she shopped at Knix and Change Lingerie. Her measurements: 42’’ underband, 48.5’’ standing bust, 49.5’’ leaning bust  She likes a very lifting fit (or else no bra at all), so her preferred band size is 40.

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Customer: Ellie, Size 36DDD Ellie is an occupational therapist and is fairly physically active at work. Her version of “supportive” is feeling contained and hugged – and not spill out no matter how she moves. She prefers underwire bras, both unpadded and very lightly padded. She used to shop at Change Lingerie.   Her measurements: 34’’ underband, 41.5’’ standing bust, 42.5’’ leaning bust.  She prefers a somewhat relaxed fit, going with

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Customer: Caitlin, Size 38C Caitlin found Understance through a mutual friend. She did her bra shopping at the Hudson’s Bay, and preferred Bali and WonderBra. She used to wear 34B before giving birth. Now she wears 38C consistently across brands. Top of her wish list are side boob coverage and some lift.  Her measurements: 36.5’’ underband, 41’’ standing bust,

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Customer: Finley, Size 30DDD Finley works as a delivery driver near our office. She has an active job – bending, lifting, driving, so comfort is a priority. She prefers wireless bras. For underwire bras, the underwire needs to fit her roots exactly. She’s looking for a bra that’ll stay put and comfortable throughout the day,

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Customer: Pauline, Size 38DD Pauline came to Understance looking for an everyday bra. She works at a desk, and wants something that’s comfortable for sitting for long periods of time. She’s tried bras from Knix and Diane’s Lingerie. She doesn’t have a preference for underwire or wireless bras, though she wants her bra to have a bit of lining or padding to hide nipples. Her measurements: 36’’ underband (as tight as

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Customer: Carla, Size 36H Carla was a walk-in customer. When we asked about her preferences, she said she just wanted something in her size, as she can never find bras that fit her at brick-and-mortar stores. She usually wears sports bras instead.  We took Carla’s measurements: 34’’ snug underband, 42’’ standing bust, 45’’ leaning bust.

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Customer: Jasmine, Size 34G Jasmine found us on Instagram, placed an order, and fell in love with her new bras. She is the proud owner of 3 Petal Smooth Lace FlexWire Bras (discontinued) (with matching panties, Darby Smooth Lace Cheeky). She decided to come in person so we can make new bras together!  Her measurements: 33’’ tight underband, 39’’ standing bust,

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Customer: Shreya, Size 40DDD/G Shreya came in and told us she usually shopped at Victoria’s Secret, but didn’t think she was wearing the right size. She was looking for something comfortable, and didn’t have strong preferences for style. We took her measurements: 40’’ relaxed underband, 38’’ tight underband, 47.5’’ bust. Because there is a more than 7’’ difference between her band and bust, we recommended that she use the

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